29 Oct                 Publication of Church Going Gone

8 Nov                  8.00pm Speak about Church Going Gone, Kirtlington

9 Nov                  Conduct Evensong Exeter College, Oxford

14 Nov                Remembrance Sunday

                             9.00am Preach Piddington Parish Church

                             5.45pm Preach at Corpus Christi College, Oxford 

21 Nov                 9.00am Preach Woodeaton

13 Jan 22             9.00am Speak on Anglican Liberalism, Wycliffe Hall,                                       Oxford

                             7.30pm Speak Malvern Progressive Christianity Network



16 Jan                9-10.30am Seminar: 'Why I am a Liberal                                                   Christian' - Wycliffe Hall, Oxford

26 Jan                6.00pm Preach Exeter College, Oxford

31 Jan                5.30pm St Hilda's College In conversation with                                       John Simpson, BBC World Affairs Editor.

   1 Mar             8.00pm Preach Wellington College Chapel

                           EVENTS SUSPENDED DUE TO COVID 19

7-9 Dec             Oxford Symposium on Religion (online)


St Hilda's in conversation with Anneliese Dodds MP, Shadow Minister for the Treasury

Speak at Holy Week Services in Kirtlington

Speak at Malvern Progressive Christianity Network

'Questions of belief in a secular age'  Talk followed by Q&A Islip Village Hall OX5 2TA

Remembrance services at Wellington College



Publication of 'Friday's Child; poems of suffering and                        redemption'          

Speak at Trinity College, Cambridge

Leadership Seminar Avicenna Academy for Leadership                     

Music Seminar for Avicenna Academy for Leadership                      

Speak at St Hilda's College 125th Anniversary Foundation Service



Speak at University Church on 'Writing my Autobiography'

Speak at Unitarian Service, Harris Manchester                                     College

Speak at St Mary's, Hitchin, Hertfordshire

Speak at the 'Wychwood Circle'

Speak Pembroke College, Oxford

Speak Greater Thame U3A on 'Christmas'



'Work, Sex and Identity' - three seminars at the University Church.

Speak at University College, Oxford

Farewell Sermon at the University Church - available on this site under 'Sermons'

Preach at Magdalen College, Oxford