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5 February           6.00pm  Preach Exeter College, Oxford on 'Jazz                                              Theology'

5 March                 5.45pm Preach Hertford College, Oxford

15 April                11.00am Speak at Ann Buchannan's Memorial Service -                                University Church

18 - 19 July           Facilitate the Oxford Symposium on Religion at St                                          Hilda's College, Oxford

9 August              2.30pm Preside at Memorial Service St Hilda's College

3 September       10.30am Preach at the Eucharist in Islip

17 September     10.30am Preach at the Eucharist in Oddington

1 October            10.30am Harvest and Baptism in Islip

9 October              9.00am Preach in Woodeaton

22 October           10.30am Preach in Charlton on Otmoor

5 November         10.30am Preach in Ambrosden

19 November        6pm Preach in Islip



13 Jan 22             9.00am Speak on Anglican Liberalism, Wycliffe Hall,                                       Oxford

                             7.30pm Speak Malvern Progressive Christianity Network

29 Mar               10.00 OXFORD LITERARY FESTIVAL

                             Interviewed by Angela Tilby 

Apr-June             Acting Chaplain of Corpus Christi College, Oxford

11 May                5.00pm Host John Simpson for Seminar, Corpus Christi                                 College

14 May                Speak at Jane Mellanby memorial Service, University                                     Church, Oxford

26 July                  2.00pm Lecture on 'Being Human' for Sea of Faith                                         Conference

22 October         Speak at the Ottery Literary Festival, Devon


​29 Oct                 Publication of Church Going Gone



Jan - Mar          Acting Chaplain,  Wellington College Chapel              

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