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Is there room in the Church and in society today for a faith that takes the Bible and traditional teaching seriously but not literally? Or that sees Christianity as a developing tradition with its share of mistakes but one which still provides people with the best framework for encountering God and living a fulfilling life? This book is written in an accessible style out of a deep love of the Church and the traditions and scholarship that have enriched it. Brian Mountford sets out a liberal Christian position that is biblical, open, liturgically conservative, traditional, ethical and concerned with Christian action. In the clash between liberalism and fundamentalism that bedevils the Church today he is always on the side of critical theology, real religion, and poetic language about 'deep truth'. He believes in the reality of God but finds him 'in the wound rather than the bandage'.

For those searching for a credible faith this book is the perfect introduction to the best that Christianity has to offer.

Nice message recently about this book!

For many years I have read and re-read your book Perfect Freedom. Today on Easter Sunday, I read the chapter "Risen Today" and once again, I was brought to tears. I'm a married 51 year old father of 3 daughters and a career officer in the military. At some points of my journey I felt like I was not and could not be accepted as a Christian because of the questions and feelings I seemed others in the church would have outed me if they knew. Your book "Perfect Freedom" was so reassuring and made me feel like I was okay - an understood child of God. Thank you for making a difference in my life and I'm sure so many others. Respectfully, Andy


We all want to be happy. But how? Do we even know what we want, what it means?Thoughtful and spiritual, this short book covers what the philosophers and religious leaders have said about the question of happiness down the ages. But mostly it focuses on what it means to us today, and how we can find true happiness in our own lives. Suffering, money, relationships, marriage, sex, art, forgiveness, healing, and society- they all affect our happiness, and how we view them can help us decide whether we are really going to enjoy happiness or not. Brian Mountford here provides a practical, personal, accessible and wise guide to the best advice on happiness available to us today.


You want to know about Christianity? 

This short, but profound, "ten minute guide" will help begin to unfold the mystery. Starting with the gospel story, it moves on to the intuitive response to God, the desire for meaning, and how the story can change your life. It answers for the modern reader the lawyer's question to Jesus; "What must I do to inherit eternal life?"

"The best short guide to serious Christianity you will find" PETER BENNET JONES.

Short stories about Death and

Five Christmas plays for Children.

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